Encore mallet: Nanae MimuraSeries EM-NM5B

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Nanae Mimura: Mega Birch Model Medium Software

This is a mallet carried by Nanae Mimura, Vibraphonist, Marimbist.
The quality of the yarn material is obsessed, and it has a deep, round sound, and it has a very round sound.
Hardness: Midiam Soft

* The paint of the package may be attached to the yarn, but it has no effect on the sound.The quality of the product is not accepted by any degree of approval.
*This product is also sold in the over-the-counter market, so the inventory availability is not real-time.If the stock is out of stock at the store, please make sure that it is taken up and is therefore not accepted.Please note that it may take a considerable amount of time for the importation of the imported mallet to be taken.

Mar yarn: 100 % North American wool
Color: White and Light Blue
Kara: Birch, long shaft
Head core: latex-disc-disk-shaped core
Two pairs of one -

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