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The attachment which I can add small diameter cymbals to on the coax of high hat cymbals easily

The attachment which "Hat Stack (hat stack) "is to be attached to the rod part of the high hat stand and can add small diameter cymbals to on the coax of high hat cymbals easily. It is most suitable to set the effect cymbals to approximately ten "diameters.
It is lightweight and is superior in carrying characteristics and, for simple and compact structure, realizes stylish setting.

■ Size: 25mm (diameter) x 40mm (full length)
■ Weight: Approximately 31 g
■ Possess the cymbals rod to a 7mm in diameter diameter and is possible

※Please set it so that a black plastic nut becomes the top when I set it. I may drop during a performance when I grind a plastic nut below.
※The HH stand of the image, the cymbals become other selling.

◯ Attachment means
1. I exclude only one black plastic nut and felt washer from the main body, and, please set cymbals Tucker bass to a high hat rod. At a position of the favorite height, I close a corner head bolt with a tuning key and fix it.

2. On another felt washer left in the main body, I set cymbals.

3. I attach a felt washer to become the form to put cymbals between and tighten it with a plastic nut. I tighten it and, by condition, can regulate the rolling of cymbals.

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