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HH stands to prevent slipping during play!

It is a very powerful Velcro (magic tape), and it is stuck to the ragamot and carpet, and it is an item to prevent the sputum of the twin pedal (slave side) and hi-hat stand during playing.
Because it uses EVA foam (firing plastic) to the material, it is very lightweight, but it is a material that does not damage the instrument body even though it is very light weight.

It can be used in various scenes such as the sustain pedal of the keyboard that wants to prevent the drum from being played even in addition to the drum.
It has two sides of the flat and V-shaped, so it corresponds to almost every pedal.
The flat pedals have flat surfaces, rounded pedals and V-shaped surfaces for small pedals.

Because pedblock is small in size, it can be set comfortably even with the cymbals stand and the microphone stand crowded.

Size: 13.5 cm long x 10 cm x thickness 2.5 cm (excluding Velcro)
Black color

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