KUPPMEN Carbon Fiber Stick 7A CFDS7A

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This is the carbon fiber drumstick of kuppmen manufacturer in Germany.

This is the kuppmen carbon-fiber drumstick.
usually in shape, size, weight, rebounds, and so on, as in normal hipcoe drumsticks,
A drumstick with a very high durability and dynamic nature, as well as an equivalent spec.
Carbon sticks are more weight than hickory because of the material specification,
This carbon-stick has been successfully made lighter by hollowing out into a hollow interior.
A drummer, a lightweight, durability and dynamic drummer, is a very nice carbon-based drumstick.

Kuppmen Music Promotion Video

[for kuppmen music]
Wnee Menken, founder of the company, is an artist who has worked as a drummer for 30 years.

In the past, I worked on various stages, including live houses, fess, studios, theater, and so on, and I used the roses frequently.
I was worried that the price was higher than that of the stick, and the exhaustion of the sticks was intense.
In such a way, a manufacturer called Carbosteel learned of the presence of a carbon-based Rodz, called "Carbon Rods".
The carbon rods were amazed by surprise, and the ribbon and ribbon were the locals that matched my play style.

The drum sticks have often been broken in the past four hours, but the carbon-sticks have persisted for 40 hours.
But suddenly, in 2014, a carbon stick suddenly disappeared from the store.
I did research on this, and I learned that Peter Kuppers, the inventor of carbon-stick, living in Germany, was in the research.

I went to see Peter directly, and when I heard the story, I closed the company once for personal reasons.
and Peter and I met with Peter to talk about music and drumming, and to start manufacturing as Kuppmen as Kuppmen,
This is how we put the carbon-stick again into the market and we are now in the market.

I've seen a lot of dramatic drummers in the past, using this stick.
Our dream is to have the kuppmen carbon-stick available for drummers around the world.

(Materials: Carbon fiber)
Size: 13.5 × 393mm
○ Chip: Oval
Germany-made in


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