LP Tito Puente model Timbares [middle old beauty] LP257S

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Large standard LP Timbares! Used good goods!!

LP's Classic Timbares "Tito Puente" model. A popular model that is supported for a long time from many players.
The body is a stainless steel steel, bright, flashy sound, so-called tinbares sound.
The sound of the pyella who beats the body is also granulated and emits an excellent presence.

Head straps are almost no very good beauty goods Timbares.
For the stand-mount plate of 14 "drums for the storage state.
Please ask for your understanding that you are just used.

● Size: 14 "+15" x 6.5 "
● Shell: Stainless steel steel
● Accessories: Stand, tuning wrench

※ It is a second-hand goods of LP Timbares LP257S.

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