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Jay Kennedy: Conchert works for multipercussion and percussion ensembles

"Odyssey" concertos for the multipercussion and percussion instrument ensemble/Jaye Kennedy
"Odyssey" Concerto for Multiple Percussion and Percussion Ensemble/Jay Kennedy

[Use Instruments]

Solo: Suspended Cymbal (4), Small Gong (4), Zil Bell (2), Tom-tom (4), Bongo, Piccolo Snare Drum, Shaker (egg), Waterphone, Vibraphone (F33-F69 3 Octave), Bodhran, Talking Drum, Slit Drum (6tone), Tambourine, Bass Drum, Timpani

Perc1: Xylophone (F45-C88 3-1/2 Octave), Glockenspiel (F57-D92), Tambourine (2), Suspended Cymbal, Rain Stick, Large Wind Chime, Bass Drum, Surdo, Golf Club (2)

Perc2: Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Tom-tom (2), Suspended Cymbal, Bass Drum, Wind Wand Bull Roarer, Wood Block (High), Golf Club Tube (2), Sogo

Perc3: Marimba (A25-C76 4-1/3 octave), Wood Block, Snare Drum, Triangle (2), Brake Drum (4), Aluminium Pipe (4), Tom-tom (2), Bamboo, Stick, Hi-hat., Golf Club Tube (2), Dumbek

Perc4: Marimba, Wood Block, Tam-tam, Slapstick, Cabasa, Shaker (egg), Maracas, Conga, Suspended Cymbal, Golf Club Tube (2), Djembe

Perc5: Marimba, Wood Block (Low), Snare Drum, Wind Chime, Foot Chime, Foot Bass Drum, Gourd Shaker or Caxixi (2), Wind Wand Bull Roarer (2), Ocean Drum, Golf Club Tube (2)

Perc6: Timpani (4), Wood Block (Med. Low), Sizzle Cymbal, Sleigh Bell, Finger Cymbal, Cowbell

Thimpani, bass drums, Grocken, Marinba, and Zailophone are shared.
An example of a setting is included in the score, as well as an example of a setting.

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