Janissary music / janitor music

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Charles worinen

Janillei music / Charles Warren

The work of American contemporary composer Warren, who died in March 2020.
In the vibraphone used in the work, it is very detailed, such as motor speed, on / off specification, and so on.
The technique of dividing the membrane and the metal and the keyboard instrument and the expression power are necessary.

1967 publication works

Since it is an old musical score, there are some cases, such as scuff, corner break, and outer burn. Please make a request beforehand.

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Part I
Part II


Vibraphone (f33-f69 3 octave, marimba (c28-c76 4 octave), bass drum (2), field drum, tenor drum, small drum, snare drum, bongo (5 tone), Tam TAM (3), suspended csymbal (3), row bell (3), triangle (3), timpani (1)

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