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Chime hammer acetal materials

A head is CH-O: Oak of a clear, bright tone, CH-A: Is round, and is shameless; acetal materials of a tone warm, CH-C: I am obstinate and use three kinds of コンプライト materials of the tone that I beat with a hammer. When I play a chime of the 太管 size by a steady sound thickly, the CH-1 type is suitable for the shape of the head, and the CH-2 type is suitable when I play a chime of the small rhythm and 細萓 size and is the chime hammer with the aspect that touched taper 4 in drumstick ahead to be suitable for roll how to play.

※This product is store, but there is not the stock situation in the real time to sell it. Because it becomes the order at store when it is out of stock, approve it beforehand. In addition, about the order of the import goods mallet, please be careful because you may have considerable time.

●One set of two of them
●Acetal head
●Maple pattern

※There may be an error in full length.

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