Pleewood Chime Hammer CH-2O

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Chinese hammer owes

Head (CH-O) is a CH-O: light sound oak, CH-A: a round acetal material with round and warm warm, CH-C: hard and hammer, and three kinds of onlight conditionals are used.The CH-1 type is also suitable for the CH-1 type of the CH-1 type, while the CH-2 type is suitable when playing with a thick, narrow sound, and the CH-2 type is suitable for playing a fine rhythm, and a chiam hammer with a taper 4 on the destination so that it is suitable for the role play.

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Two pairs of one -
Φ35 + Φ20 X 285 -
Oak Head
Maple Mane -

* There may be errors in the overall length of the system.

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