Innovative Percussion Pius Cheung Series Pius Cheung3

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≪ Chain Series≫ Rattan Pattern Medium Marimba Marette

The Pius Cheung series offers six models made of rubber cores of various hardnesses. Each model is made of rattan handle and is wrapped in a very unique alpaca blend yarn.
Even with extreme dynamic range, the player plays beautiful sounds from pianissimo to heavy fortessimo with minimal force.

※ Because the product of this time is also sold at the store, the stock situation is not real time. Please note that we will order it if it is out of stock at the store. Please note that it may take a considerable amount of time to order an imported mallet.

- 2 pieces 1 set
- Pattern: Rattan
- Total length: 430mm
- Head: Woolly / Medium

* There may be errors in the total length.

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