Vick farce marching stick VIC-SJLL Johnny Lee lane model

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A marching stick of the feel that density is high, and is fluent. A spiral shellfish stands the signature marching snare stick in response to the demand of the artist; of the sound flew, and prepared a model with advanced rebound skills.

The hickory stick of the Vick farce uses "hickory" which is named the highest quality in the world from Northern U.S. I realize high density by drying 含水率 of the tree in 6% and remove the curve of the stick thoroughly. In addition, I sort out one pair of weight and PHS with a computer and, by the last process, realize "perfect pair" and the ideal pair balance that I can call for.

※I cannot have you choose this product for order. Approve it beforehand.

●Materials: Hickory
●Size: 18.2mm *432mm

※The staff chooses it, but there is the case that an error of around 2g produces.

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