ZENKO Zenko Chromatic Pack ZEN01 + 10 A442HZ

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Healing sound♪A = 442 Hz specification that is easy to match with other instruments!

From France, popular "ZENKO" where you can enjoy playing freely

At the slit drum made of metal, hit and play the slit part.
This set is a clear sound that has a corn with a corn with 9 sounds + 8 sounds.
You can also play by hand, but by using a dedicated mallet, you will be able to make more sound.

"Ionien" is a type that has rare scales in La de Le Mi Fa So La Shi and such slit drums.
The set "combo" is an instrument that compensates for the sound of the black key part.

● Size: about 32 cm in diameter × height about 13 cm
● Weight: about 2.8 kg / stand
● Accessories: Private case, mallet, cushion
● Ionia (A3 · C4 · D4 · E4 · F4 · G4 · A4 · B4 · C5) / reference sound A = 442 Hz
● Combo (B♭3 · C # 4 · E♭4 · F4 · F # 4 · G # 4 · B♭4 · C # 5)

B3 (lower side) There is no sound, so it will be playing while devising.

A = 442 Hz is a percussion city custom order.

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