MEINL Junior Djanbe (Mini Djanbe) Kenyan Quilt JRD-KQ

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Colorful little djanbe!

Junior Djanbe in Meinel. (Mini Djanbe)
The plastic head is placed on the body made of synthetic resin, and it is nice that the pitch is not affected by the weather and humidity.
Although it is a rope tune specification, because it is a plastic head, the degree of wear of the head is slower than this skin (*depending on the frequency of use), and you can use it casually without worrying about tuning.

It's a small size and you can't ask for volume, but how about small children, gifts, and interiors?

- Size: about 17 .8cm× height about 30.5cm (diameter 7" × height 12-1/2")
- Color: Kenyan Quilt

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