ROHEMA ロヘマ Professional Rods Bamboo 61365/9

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ロッズ of German maker ROHEMA company

●ロッズスティック wound the innumerable sticks which I thinned. The volume is smaller than a normal drumstick, and a feeling of attack peculiar to a stick is milder. I am used for ballad system and Unplugged, acoustic system live broadcasting mainly. In addition, it is recommended in the slightly strange snare to want to start a sound by recording. Because it is the stick that the tip can reduce a consumption degree than a stick little by little intensely, approve ロッズ.

"ROHEMA" company established in マルクノイキルヒェン known as a town of the Sachsen state (former East Germany) music in eastern Germany in 1888.

●A diameter: Approximately 15.0mm
●Full length: 415mm
●Material: Bamboo (3mmx19 book)
●Grip: Rubber grip


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