CONCERTINO for Two Marimbas and Six Percussionists

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Jan Van Landeghem: Duo Concertino Ensemble in the Great Office

Small Concerto for 2 Malimba and 6 Casters of Casters / Yan Van Landhem

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[Used instrument]

Marimba (C-C 5 Octave) 2

Marimba (C-C 5 Octave), Maracas, Cowbell (2), Tambourine, Triangle

Xylophone (F-C 3-1 / 2 Octave), Glockenspiel (G-C 2-1 / 2 Octave), Foot Bass Drum, Chime (C-F 1-1 / 2 Octave), Metal Chime

VIBRAPHONE (F-F 3 octave) Bow requires TOM-TOM (4), WOOD BLOCK (5), COWBELL (2)

Vibraphone (F-F 3 Octave), Crotale 2OCT *, Bongo

Marimba (C-C 5 octave * 2), Temple Block (5), CongA (2)

Timpani (2), Tam-Tam, Cymbal (3) Wire brush required, GUIRO, GLASS Chime, Metal Chime

※ If you can not prepare 2 octaves of the crotile, increase the octave and play.

* 2 If this part can not prepare 5 octave Malimba, you will play and play the necessary places.

[Playing time]
About a minute
* As a play time for playing time, it is a play time by sound source, so it depends on the performance method and tempo.

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