Lohema Hornwood 5B Stick 61324/3

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Laminate Beach Plywood Stick 5B

-The Hornwood series uses laminated plywood and beach materials. Beach wood has been used as a furniture material since ancient times, and it is a material that is often used in Nordic furniture. It is a heavy material with good workability and is resistant to impact. Because there is a little weight than the classic series, the volume is large, and the grain standing also sounds clear. It is mainly recommended for those who want a punchy sound such as hard rock, grunge, alternative, texture, metal, etc. The thin type of 12H and 8H has a modest volume, but it matches the light music of the pops system because it is harder than hickory and the chip is firmer. Or it is recommended for those who want to make a beautiful grainy sound with jazz or bossa nova.

●Beach materials
- Lacquer finish
- Size: 405mm× 15.2mm


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