200 Musser concert mallet series M-201N

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Hard mallet of the solid balance that is easy to treat even a slightly bigger head

I used pure woolen yarn selected carefully for a good-quality rattan steering wheel, a head in pursuit of manageability, and it was with the series constitution that there was not of the sense of incongruity by material and unification of the finish. It is easy to treat the head balance selected carefully for all models and is a recommended model for usability for junior and senior high school students without the burden in the school band.

※This product is store, but there is not the stock situation in the real time to sell it. Because it becomes the order at store when it is out of stock, approve it beforehand. In addition, about the order of the import goods mallet, please be careful because you may have considerable time.

●One set of two of them
●A pattern: Rattan / rattan
●The steering wheel head: 390�o
●A head: Woolen yarn winding / hardware

※There may be an error in the steering wheel head.

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