TAMA/TAMA Closed Hat Attachment MXA43

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A simplified version of the closed hat that is convenient for two-bus setting! Compatible pipe diameters 15.9mm to 28.6mm

Closed hi-hat attachment for twin pedal use and two-bus setting.
The MXA43 is a high-cost performance model with a simple structure that tightens the hi-hat cymbals by rotating the upper clutch.
The rod-mounted spring lifts the top cymbals, allowing the cymbals to be set up even in half-open conditions, allowing for a wide range of adjustments from loose to tight sound.

The clamping part corresponds to a stand with a pipe diameter of 15.9 mm - 28.6 mm.

- Can be attached to the stand of 15.9mm-28.6mm diameter pipe
● Rod diameter: 10.5mm (130mm-150mm)
● Weight: 0.8Kg

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