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Kawai's new instrument, sironic piano. You can play as a piano or as a piano. Light up piano

It is a colorful musical instrument.
The mechanism of the sound is seen, and the movement is also good!

It is a syrup piano that knocks the key of a tree with a finger and presses the xylophone.
It is a hybrid design that can be played as a xylophone when removing the sound board unit.
Comes with two seals and eight color seals for keyboard.

Case: bunk
Sound board: Poplar
Keyboard: beech
Main body size: w297 × D184 × H211 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Number of sound plates: eight tone plates (do, re, MI, FA, so, La, Si, do)
Number of keys: 8 keys
Both head mallets and keyboards
Subject age: 3 years or older

Notice: This product does not display the St Mark established by the Japan Toy Association. This is because it is very difficult to clear the "fall test" of the test item added to the toy safety standard in the specification of this product intact. Of course, the material of the product and the material are safe, but please be careful to use it safely.


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