LP Karl Perazzo sig nature bongo LP794X-KP

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Curl ペラッツォシグネイチャー of the LP, a fiber bongo! 🔊

A fiberglass bongo of LP curl ペラッツォシグネイチャー!

Sound omission is outstandingly good thanks to a heavy body, and sturdy sound is a good point firmly.
The body uses fiberglass durable than Wood. It is recommended in used in one, a group and a group used outdoors.

The stage brilliancy will have to be it in floral design and motif "sugar scull" of the skeleton given glory to with a body with a feeling of weight, a festival of Mexico very!

●Size: 7-1/4"+8-5/8"
●A shell: Fiberglass
●Parts: Chrome parts
●Comfort curve �U rim

※Because the head is made by real leather, there is individual difference. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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