YAMAHA Keiko: Keiko Abe Signature mallets MKAW-04

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The "Birch handle model" is a model of the laptop, with a dual structural core and a hard head

Keiko Abe Series: Birchshaft

Nine different configurations up to between MKAW-01 and 2009 require some techniques to use this mallet with a heavier sense of mass than a very common mallet, but it is a series that further broaden the width of their own performance.
The MKAW-04 is a type that uses a double structure core with a head on the head, as well as a virozo model mallet, and the head hardness is hard.

* If the manufacturer has inventory, it will be in the delivery period.(Not as far as the display is available during the New Year and New Year holidays.)

*This product is also sold in the over-the-counter market, so the inventory availability is not real-time.If the stock is out of stock at the store, please make sure that it is taken up and is therefore not accepted.Please note that it may take a considerable amount of time for the importation of the imported marlet to be taken.

Birch: Birch
Total length: 430 mm
Head: Mod rolls per hard
● Core size: φ30 x 23mm/laver tube roll double core structure
CaraperTape: Yellow tape -
Two pairs of one -

*Because the core structure differs from the normal mallet, the hardness index does not necessarily correspond to the general one.
* There may be errors in the overall length of the system.

Shipping weight: 500g
Shipping size: 100 sizes in Japan/L12 cm x W50 cm x H12 cm in Japan
* This is the approximate case you want to send in a Mallet.

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