[Manufacturer Used] TAMA Road Protreat Stand HC82W

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Road professional series that combines functionality and durability that corresponds to various settings

Simple straight type cymbal stand.
Step-adjusted Symbol Tilt filter "Quick-Set Tilter", one-touch removable cymbalmate "Quick-SET CYMBAL MATE" is adopted.
28.6 mm Diameter Pipe stand-based and large rubber flut achieve excellent stability.

Glide-Tite Grip Joint
A joint structure having a fixing method and a nylonbush structure with metals. By fixing the pipe and the joint portion with metals, the stand is a solid from the upper to lower pipes and a solid structure. As an effect, the cymbal and drum naturally "vibrating" on a more stable stand, the vibrations resulting from the instrument at play become less likely to run away, and the instrument is mostly the potential of the instrument. When sliding the pipe, the nylon bush built-in in the joint is given a smooth movement and prevents damage to the pipe.

Nylon Washers
RoadPro Hardware equipped with nylon bushes in contact with the tripod stay. Smooth motion during setup, and effective noise prevention.

Quick-SET Tilter (US. Pat. No. 7385127)
A mechanism that can adjust the angle of the tilter portion in a sterically stable torque due to the friction of the six metal plates inside. Lock / release quickly without worrying about gear meshing, and enables fine adjustment of cymbal and snare drum hitting angle without stress.

Quick-SET CYMBAL MATE (US. Pat. No. 7629526)
By pressing two buttons provided on the side of the main unit, it is possible to attach and detach cymbalmates with one touch. Realize speedy cymbal setup. Like a regular cymbalmate, it is also possible to fine-tune the cymbal tightening and shaking condition by rotating the body.

Reversible Bottom (US. Pat. No. 6239343)
Entered between cymbal and rods, cymbal bottom to help protect cymbals and noise cut. Even if one tube is worn away, it is possible to use it on the other hand if the up and down is reversed.

[Manufacturer Usage] is the product used by the manufacturer in events, etc., and it is a short period of time, but it is used, so it is used.

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