[OTC Exhibition] TAMA/TAMA Classic Hihatto stand: HH55F

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A flat-based, flat-type, flat-type stand with a sensation with a sensation of rux.

A flat-based, flat-type, simple structure with compact size, lightness, and easy to handle, and a vintage-flattened luke-flattened luke-flattened stand.This is a new, flat-based, high-water stand that contains TAMA's technology and ingenuity, not just a copy of the Vintage stand, such as the three legs that achieve a stable setting, a mechanism that can independently adjust the angle of the spring tension and the foot-board, and the point where the radisrod can be fixed to the back of the plate when it is expropriated.

[Single Braced Flat Base Tripod Legs]
The Flat Base, with a sense of vintage, is designed to pursue a compact and lightweight design with a compact look.The new pedal plate is designed to provide a lightweight structure with a simple structure, and a smooth surface that does not choose the playstyle of drums.

[Smooth Surface Footboard]
The foot board has finished a smooth surface that is familiar to any style of play style.

[Individual Adjustment of Spring Tension & Footboard Angle]
-Tune the spring tension
Use the drum key to loosen the angular bolt A and tighten the bolt at the desired tension point while stepping lightly on the foot-board.

-Adjust Futboard Angle
It is possible to loosen the coronal bolt B to pull the pipe up and to increase the angle of the foot-board.If you feel that the top of the foot board is high, turn the pipe down and adjust it.

[Knurling on Base Pipe]
The rolet processing is designed to make it difficult to glide by increasing the friction with the three or three parts of the lower leg.Even when you step in a plate, it is possible to prevent the three or more parts from slipping, and to keep the stand stable at all times.

[Die-Cast Pipe Joint/Memory Lock]
The high-calibration joint provides a stable fixed force by pressing a pipe with a metal plate.In addition, a standard-equipped memory lock prevents slides or rotations of the upper pipe.

[Easy Store Radius Rod]
It is also designed to be packed in the process of packaging.It is possible to secure the radiasrod inside the foot plate when expropriated, so that it is more compact and prevents unexpected deformation during transportation.

Diameter pipes: 19.1mm-15.9mm
*Memorylock attached to the upper pipe.
● Base: Flat-based
Weight: 2.3kg
● Height Adjustment Width: 650mm-950mm
Size: 600mm of measurement -
*When divided into upper and lower parts

[TAMA HH55F The Classic Hi-Hat Stand/Hat Stand Appearance]
The pedal plate and frame used for the product are more prone to kiz in relation to the surface finish (plate: full hair-line finish, frame: shot blasting).
This is also true even when the factory is shipped.
There is no problem with the use and performance, so please feel safe to use.

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