CHAANY Caleb Cajon CHBD-S Standard

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Made IN NAGANO-JAPAN's politeness is overflowing! ※ It is a product that is not eligible for discount.

Nagano cajon maker CHAANY is a famous manufacturer of transparent acrylic surface cajon.
Following the first model [Pedro], a new series of [Caleb] appeared. A bass reflex structure has been added to amplify the bass, resulting in an acrylic facing cajon with increased strengths.

- Size: 30cm in height× 30cm in width× 45cm in height
- Surface material: acrylic board
- Body side material: Russian birch plywood / oil finish
- Body bottom material: Russian Birch plywood / oil finish
- String: 8 pieces / adjustable (bottom hex screw adjustment)
- Weight: about 5kg


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