the gilest malin ballet

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I can learn from the Iroha of Marinba, the bigner's book for bigners!

All 47 pages

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[Collected Content]

The name of each part (as explained by the name and photograph of each part of the Marimba section)
A range of musical instruments and selecting the instruments (the introduction of the main area of the main case of Marinba)
The assembly of the malinba (the illustration is Masser M250).
-Management of musical instruments
About the mallet (type, way of holding it, and how to do it)
-the manner of the sound

a simple melody/lesson of each tuning
(C-dur, F-dur, G-dur, D-dur, B-dur) + Applied Music
-How to perform a tremolo
-How to read the notation of musical notation

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