Kitayama triangle 27cm *11mm

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It is the Kitayama triangle of the topic!

Kitayama triangle of the late years topic boiling.
It is the work which Kitayama finishes with a handicraft one by one.

・Because it becomes the thing at the time of the arrival, as for the image, there is a case to differ from the item on display to send.
Look as reference of the product of the same type.
・Because it becomes the product which I always display in the store, there are 打痕 by inspection and 試奏, cloudy weather. Approve it beforehand.

One side of 27 centimeters of 11 millimeters in diameter
[27cm / φ11mm]
Materials: Bronze alloy

This 27cm *11mm is a thickness diameter 11mm model of ※ of the JPC collaboration out of the lineup. The triangle case which can hold this is not marketed.

※It becomes the size of the build-to-order manufacturing and is usually a product having delivery date

When you relate to size, thickness out of the publication here, please refer.

For a handmade product, there is a case to differ from indication size slightly.
Look for a reference price.

There are not the accessories.

Product concerned

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