Kitayama Triangle 24cm x 12 mm

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It is a topic Kitayama Triangle!

In recent years, Kitayama Triangle of the topic boiling.
It is a work that is finished with one Hokusan.

· Image, reference sound is at the time of arrival, so it may differ from the item to be delivered.
Please see as a reference for the same product.
· Since it will be the product that is always on storefront, there is a strip with inspection and trial. Please note.

Veteri use Groverer Alloy 303 Alloy Black Tape
Sound quality changes depending on your speaker etc.

1 side 24 cm thickness 12 mm
[24 cm / φ12 mm]
Material: Bronze alloy

This 24cm × 12 mm is a thickness of 12 mm model of JPC collaboration lineup *. When stored in the case, it is necessary for 10 inches.

※ It is usually the size of orders, which is a product that will be delivered

Please inquire about size and thickness outside the posting here.

For handmade products, it may differ slightly with the display size.
Please see as a reference value.

There is no accessory.

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