Kitayama triangle 21 cm × 9 mm × JPC collaboration

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It is a collaboration model of the topic Kitayama Triangle and JPC

The Kitayama Triangle, which has been a hot topic in recent years.
Mr. Kitayama finishes each piece by hand.
This model is a collaboration between Mr. Kitayama and JPC, and the thickness and inch are specially ordered.

-The image is the one at the time of arrival, so it is not the actual item to be delivered.
Please see as a reference for products of the same type.
-Since it is a product that is always on display at the store, there may be dents and cloudiness due to inspection and trial performance. Please note that.

21 cm on a side, 9 mm thick
[21 cm / φ9 mm]
Material: Bronze alloy

Because it is a handmade product, the display size is slightly different. There may be cases.
Please see as a reference value.

There are no accessories.

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