FREER Triangle Beater TSS (Stainless Steel Head/Stainless Steel Shaft)

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Teardrop stainless steel beater

The feature of the tear type is that when hitting, delicate sound can be expected in the thin part, dynamic sound can be expected in the thick part, etc., and a second-long sound change can be obtained by changing the batting position of the beater head part. (It will be a common description of Playwood/Friar)

The most detailed part of the head is thicker than playwood (about φ5 mm), and it is possible to play a deeper sound.

- Stainless steel head φ10 mm (maximum part)
- Stainless steel shaft, the hand is rubber tube specification
●Sell 1 bottle
- Total length about 242mm (of which head manager is about 40mm)

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