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Coach Signature stick.

A message from a woman
This size has been practiced all the time. The material of the stick is chosen personally because it is a favorite sound. Cost is also good. Yes. The round tip is selected because the bounce is good. The color is color. The tip of the tip is removed because the movement of the stick is well understood when it is beaten, and the color on the face is not colored. Try it.

He died 7 years old. Buried in an apple field after cremation at a funeral shop. A few years later, it revives as apple fruit. Grow gradually and actually fall to the ground. I got scratched, but it grew slowly. Although the memory was vague, it gradually returns with time, and the part as a cat starts to appear. It returns to the former of the remembrance owner, and it cannot be noticed from the appearance, and it is called the red apple beast. Although I was able to do it, I consulted with my grandparent, an apple tree grandmother.
"Welcome everyone to the hills of Hollywood. And I will return to the original form.
I was not sure at the denture, but I managed to catch it. Now, I think of the way to go to the dead old tree and think of the way of the United States of America, and when I become a rock star to the hint of the owner's drum, it flashes that I can go abroad. Look at the drum of the owner and practice in the local event. It is said that the name is necessary from the band companion, and the legendary drummer "Apple star" is called the cat and apple drummer, and "nenguta".
The adventure that returns to the white cat of this pussy starts.

Hickory work
Chip: Wood (large ball)
Size: l × 405 mm

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