LP Eddy Montalbo Signeer Congusset LP222&259-1EM

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Eddy Montalbo Signature: Fiber conga of the signature🔊

Eddy Montalbo Signature: Fiber conga to be new in 2018
The height is a little bit low, 28 ", the fiber glass body's" tradeishoff foup specification."

There is a harmonic acoustic sound characteristic of the fiberglass body, but it is a sound that is considerably less balanced than the patter model, and it is good for a well-balanced body.
Is the shape and height of a body that has not yet been spurnished?

Even though the height is a little lower, the thick sound with the core is healthy.
It is a very easy and easy-to-knocter instrument, both of which are both granular and sound, without a clap.

Size: 11 "+ 11-3/4" × 28 "
Shell: Fiberglass
Part: Crom
○ TradyShonallim

*Tuned instruments are sent, but the pitch may change depending on the skin's familiarity with the passage of time in the transportation process, as well as temperature and humidity.

* The picture is a sample.
* Because of the bark instrument, there is a difference in the sound of the sound.

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