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[6 pairs] Ludwig's 2A-conscious model that is said to have been used by that person

John Bonham / John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) / Led Zeppelin) Ludwig 2A, which is said to have been used since 1977.
I made a model that was strongly conscious of this model, which has been discontinued for a long time.
Development Our company could not obtain the actual product as a sample, and it was "like" produced based on photos and numerical data, but 2018, three years after the release. In the year, we obtained the actual product with the kindness of the customer who carefully kept the Radic 2A at that time!
In order to break away from "something like", we faithfully traced the genuine product and changed the model here. !!!

Despite the thick grip of about 16mm, the sharply narrowed taper shape realizes controllable swinging comfort and natural rebound. This makes the weight of the stick itself less of a concern.
On the contrary, you can get a fairly fat sound by simply dropping the stick without any effort.
Furthermore, compared to the first model, the shaft is slightly shorter and the grip diameter is slightly thinner, so the rebound feeling is more natural!

With the grip part The neck looks extremely thin in comparison, but the thickness of about 5A is secured. It is not suitable for extreme hard play, but it should support your play firmly!

* If you like the 1st edition, the specifications such as surface processing are slightly different, but We recommend Pearl 504H!

● Material: Hickory
● Size: φ = 15.9mm × L = 400mm
● Chip shape: OLIVE
● 6 pairs
* Surface varnish processing

* This product was originally developed by JPC. Available only at JPC stores or eJPC.

* If you would like a selection stick, please select a pairing stick from the options, and the JPC staff will select and pair it.
* Even if you select a normal stick, we will make the minimum selection and ship it.


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