Spacedrum 13 drum set

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This peculiar sound is always beating.

It is the steel drum drum "space drum" which is imported and sold only in Japan.
While working with various products, such as hang drum, hand pan, and katharum ram, the first time in Japan, the handling of the space drum started in June 2018.
The soundtracks in the Zenzo drum and the musical scale of the unique route which is the feature of the maker can be obtained only by this space drum.

Size: about 60 cm × Height 13cm
Weight: About
Accessories, protective oil
C4C 4d4e4e4f 4f 4G 4G 4G 4a4bb4b B 4 5

* there are some slightly rough finish.
Please note that it is not a defective product in the state from the beginning.

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