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Healing sound♪Impro percussion 432 Hz. 🔊

"Zenko" you can enjoy playing freely from France.

It is a slit drum made of metal, and the part of the slit is beaten.
It is a clear sound made with the cornering cone with all nine sound composition.
It can also be played by hand, but you can get more sound by using the exclusive mallet.

"Equinox" is a very unique scale!
It is a composition sound based on the B minor, but it can enjoy the original sound like minor and major.

This is a special price for one of our showcases.
There is a feeling of use such as dirt and dirt of the main body accompanied with the exhibition. Please understand beforehand.

Size: about 32 cm × Height 13cm
Weight: about 2.8 kg
Mallet and cushion case
EXO3 (G3, B3, C4, D4, E4 f)♯4, G4, B4, D5) / reference sound a = 432 Hz

Mallet play

Play with your fingers


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