TAMA / TAMA The Classic Stand Series Drum Pedal HP50

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The Classic Pedal produced in pursuit of sophisticated simpleness!

The drum performance is that complex and technical plays take a lunch of the audience, while the approach that can be dare simple and needed to give you an impression that moves your mind. It is the same for the relationship between instruments and drummers. Simple efforts have to stimulate dramar's creativity and realize great performance.

This The Classic Pedal-Classic Pedal-for a drummer who wants such an approach to a drummer that wants such an approach to the sophisticated simpleness.
Simple and lightweight footboard designed to be easy to use even with any respondth. Exquisite weight balance that delivers an honest and natural treading and response that conveys the player's power and nuances as it is to the bus drum. Furthermore, a unique mechanism such as a spring post that can adjust tension while sitting in the slone and tension adjustment is also equipped with a height adjustment that accurately captures the center of the head.

Both the vintage pedal is reminiscent of the Looks, and this simple structure has condensed and packed the essence of technology that TAMA has cultivated in the development of drum pedals so far, and the appearance of the modern "Classic Pedal" is.

● Center Strike Height Adjust
A mechanism that can adjust the height of the Beater's hitting point by increasing the frame post with a simple operation. 18 "It is particularly recommended for drummers using small aperture bus drums.

By making the spring post extended towards the player side, it is possible to adjust the spring tension while checking the pedal without removing the pedal from the bus drum.

● The Classic Beater
We adopt traditional shaped bales. The hit surface is a slightly tapered shape, and by evenly hit the bus drum head, it produces a good sound with a warmer. Classical designs that do not expose parts such as screws outside are also points for a particular point.

● Individual Adjustment of Beater & Footboard Angle
By operating the squared bolt in the springbound part with a drum key, it is possible to adjust the Vetero angle in a form that is interlocked with the footboard angle steplessly.
Furthermore, by changing the tip of the chain and the mounting position of the cam, it is possible to change only the footboard angle.

● Easy-Tight HOOP CLAMP
Since the t-bolt tightened when securing to the bus drum is a structure that can be operated from the side of the footboard, it is possible to attach and detach the pedal even while sitting in the slot.

This pedal has a "folded" structure of the spring post, so it can be compact and carried. The operation is simple, and just loosens the side T-nut and fix it so that the post is folded to the front side. There is also the effect of reducing the tension of the spring when not used

[Notice of Appearance of TAMA HP50 The Classic Pedal]
The pedal plate used for this product, and the frame part, is likely to be noticeable due to the relationship between the surface finish (plate: full hair line finishing, frame: shot blasting).
This is the same for factory shipment.
There is no problem on use and performance, so please use it with ease.

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