EMIN ダラブッカ EP-002-B 23cm aluminum die-casting

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It is a little slightly bigger size ダラブッカ of Turkish musical instrument maker EMIN PERCUSSION!

ダラブッカ of Turkish EMIN PERCUSSION!
I get trust from many players in high quality.

The body of the aluminum die-casting is very heavy, and the rumble of the low tone which I heard well and perception and a sharp high-pitched tone are attractive.
It is suitable for accompaniment.

●Size: Tup 23cm (widest いところ 29cm of the diameter) X 47cm in height
●8 tension
●Plastic head
●A soft case is with a wrench

※There is the coarse point of the structure for a race musical instrument to some extent, but I interfere with a performance, and there are none.
In addition, an image is a sample. There is the case that is different from an image in feel of a material of head specifications, the body painting.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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