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Afroton's Mali jumbo will be in charge, will be handy, handy, little small size!

Ahroton's Mari-made janbe has a long time to go.
The ADM-M01 is a little bit made of Mali, and is a janbe made easy to carry.
Afroton jumper is a good body of a pretty body.
The sound is a marrijanbe-like thickness, which is a well-balanced sound from a low sound to a high sound.

Size: Diameter is about 26cm in diameter and approximately 31cm x 31cm in diameter and approximately 55cm x height by radius of 22 cm
○ Head: sheepskin

* The image is a sample.
*Jumbe made in Africa is very different because it is handmade.
If you wish to provide physical details, please contact us by email or telephone.

* There may be a rough and coarse coarse place for the African honeyed instrument.
Do not support the performance of the instrument, and understand it as a characteristic of the instrument.


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