Masterwork Dala Bucca E-E107-RD

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Masterwork Egypt Style Dara Bucca! 🔊

Gobblet type drums widely used in the middle and so on. I will play aside aside.
E107 is an Egypt style that is round and tuning screws inside the body.
The body is sculpted and beautiful finish.
The instrument itself is not too heavy, and it is easy to play with you.
※ There are individual differences in patterns and sizes. Please note that it may be different from the pattern of the photo.

● Size: Bonding surface diameter about 22 cm × width about 27.8 cm × height about 43 cm
● Standing material: plastic
● Body material: Aluminum
● Accessories: Case, replacement head, tuning wrench

※ The pattern and size are slightly different. It may be different from the pattern of the photo.
There are also fine fragrant scratches and coarse places of folk instruments.
Please note.

※ Sound sample uses Istanbul EA107 with the same material and recorded specifications.


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