Fall drum 16 "stone drum"

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Ethnic city original folded stone shell★16 inches

Made of polyca Prada shell.
It is realized by the collaboration of the falling drum with foldrum and JPC ethnic city.

Hoops and tuning rugs, breakthrough products that can be folded flat when removing heads!
In the usual foldrum folding shell, the wire hoop that forms the shell is attached, but the wire hoop is placed on the top and bottom of the shell so that the surdron can be assembled.

The color is yellow, blue, clear and black, and can be selected in addition to the inventory Please inquire.

The sound is slightly harder than the soft sound peculiar to Brazil's sudo.

Let's be free from carrying comfort!

Body shell only. Parts such as hoops and bolts are not attached.
Can be used according to the Sultana made of contemporary. Please use sudo parts.

* it may be damaged if you fold over

Size 16 mm diameter
Size (body height): 50
Blue color

* hardware parts are not included.
It is a staggered shell for carrying lightweight and compact.

* parts are developed based on the sutras (suw1650 / sual1650) made from contemporary.
Please note that there may be different sizes in other company products.

* this product is original product developed jointly with foldrum and JPC ethnic city. Sales are only JPC or ejpc.

* the image contains a color sample.
Please contact us if you would like a color other than inventory.
JPC ethnic City

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