TOCA Freestyle 2 Djanbe TF2DM-9T

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Djmbe of fashionable color "Thinker"!

It is a set of limited quantities!
40% OFF with case and replacement head!

The body of the synthetic material is shaped like a plastic head, and it is a sgremono that can be easily tuned with the attached wrench.
The sound is light, but it's characterized by bulging bass and oystery trebles.

In addition, since the instrument body is very light, it is recommended for people and children who carry a lot!

- Size: 9" ×16.5"
- Head: Plastic head

※ Dullness of the head from the beginning of arrival and some scratches on the body can be seen.
Please note that it is not a defective product.

※ The photo is 10" size.

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