ATV Electro Organic Percussion AFRAME (Aframe)

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The sense of the performance is just an acoustic instrument, a completely new electronic musical instrument that has never been

The topic Electro Organic Percussion "Aframe" is a completely new electronic instrument that can be played in the sense of acoustic instruments without compromising the player's original feel.
It was originally developed * "Adaptive Timbre Technology" (Adaptive Timbre Technology) is impossible for the traditional PCM sound source digital percussion, "beating", "pressing", "rubbing", which is the original performance of percussion Can express pronunciation, tone change, effect control, etc.
On the basics of performance, the material of the skin reminiscent and friction, the material of the skin reminiscent of the skin was adopted, and a natural performance was realized.

※ "Adaptive Timbre Technology" (Adaptive Timber Technology)
A technology that dynamically adapts the characteristics of a large number of filter groups and generates a variety of tone color changes in the instrument, depending on the change of the strike surface and the movement of the sound frequency component associated with the various performance methods of the permanent.

● Size: Vertical: about 38 cm × horizontal: about 38 cm × depth: about 4.4 cm
● Beat surface: polycarbonate
● Frame: bamboo goods (manufactured by Fujigen Co., Ltd.)

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▼ AFRAME Release Commemorative Event Digest (2017/01/14 AT JPC) ▼


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