LP Matador Congaset M750S&752S-ABW

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Lp's popularization class, matador conga set. Almond brown of the order color! 🔊

A conga of lp's popularization class "Matador". It is a standard model of wood shell.
It's similar to lp that bass tones, open tones, and slap tones sound well balanced.
In addition to keeping the price down, the quality of the head has been slightly reduced from the LP, but it resonates well throughout.
Compared to LP, the price is reasonable, and you can also attach the head of the advanced LP model when replacing the head.

- Size: 11" + 11-3/4" ×30"
- Shell: Siam Oak
- Parts: Chrome
●Soft curve rim
- Color: almond brown wood

※ The image is a sample.
※ Because of the main skin specification, there is an individual difference in the sound.
Please understand in advance.

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