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Drum with the name of a gathering meaning 集 まってを

Drum with the name of a gathering meaning 集 まってを

●56cm in diameter X 19cm in height
●Mallet two of them are with it

The slightly bigger drum which several people can beat together

Because it is made in the specifications with the foot (there is a gap in a musical instrument and the tokonoma), I put a floor, and a sound appears even in the carpet caution money properly.
An infant stands up and children give it up and can enjoy a performance because it is the height of the trunk and it is in condition to have sat down on a chair and can play it.

Because two drumsticks are attached, even Malet can enjoy even a stick by hand.

Because the kids percussion of レモ does not gain a metal bolt and rag, a hoop, it is light and is easy to treat it because the body, the head use composition material and can easily swat even the child and elderly person because I can easily start a sound without needing how to play special again.

※About the delivery date, it becomes the notation when there is maker stock.
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