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☆The product which is targeted for Christmas fair☆25%OFF!A case is belonging to it latest series "supermarket アジャイル", RAS Tieck 🔊

Series "AGILE( アジャイル) "of the name to be quick evolved quick-wittedness more…
As for the name "supermarket アジャイル!"

In the upper part of the tup inside アジャイル snare technology of スナッピータイプ,
The アジャイル string technology of the cartridge type that wound a string around a retainer is performed the internal organs of.

As for both systems, disassembly is possible.
The string technology changes the tension condition of a mute and the string by the way of closing of the screw of width and the middle of two tops of the tup side of the cartridge and the noise sound is strong and can adjust it for weak いをお preference.

I make SPL composition materials body materials and am rich low tone, 重低音感.
In addition, did it in both low tone, high-pitched tones quickly; pick up a noise, and is the sound that the image of the drum set is near.

●Size: 30cm in height X 30cm in width X 50cm in height
●Tup materials: オヴァンコール plywood
●Body materials: SPL composition materials
●A sound line: Removable
(the lower part) upper string cartridge type /() スナッピー
●A rucksack type case is attached


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