Schlagwerk super agile silver lining

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"Super Agile" with silver lining! With case

The series "AGILE" named "Agile and Quick" has evolved further ...
> The name is "Super Agile"!

Snappy type agile snare technology is on the upper part inside the striking surface, and
Cartridge type agile with a string wrapped on the lower part. -Built-in string technology.

Both systems are removable.
String technology changes the mute and string tension depending on the width of the two frames on the striking surface side of the cartridge and how to tighten the screw in the middle, and you can choose the strong or weak noise sound. You can adjust it.

The sound is tight and tight overall, but it has punch and includes crisp noise sound in both bass and treble.
It will be easy to create a drum set sound.
Also, if you remove the string cartridge at the bottom, the bass will be more extended.

● Size: Length 30cm x Width 30cm x Height 50cm
● Strike surface material: Silver lining plywood
● Body material: Birch material-8 ply
● Sound line: Detachable
(Lower) String cartridge type / (Upper) Snappy
● Rucksack type case included