Rerni Texture Series Stick S-150RW

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150AW ball chip version. More powerful and fat!

A model with a ball type of 150AW chip.
More powerful and clarity, and fat sound are obtained.
If you want the goodness and volume of granularity simultaneously, there is no mistake!

Surface texture finish finishes a solid stick surface with a sand paper, even if it sweats in hand, it has an absorption effect from the stick surface and can be gripped well while playing.


It is a drum stick that uses carefully selected high quality wood, and the entire process from processing to finish is manufactured at a factory in Japan.
One-piece elaborate processed by skilled craftsmen's technology, and one chosen by the final step is shipped as a product. We pursue high quality as well as balance but also sound sides.

● Material: U.S.A HICKORY
● Finish: Texture Finish
● Size: φ15.0mm × L406mm

Usage Artist: Koizumi Kashiwa (Kana-Boon), Keijima

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