Rerni Textured Series Stick S-145AW

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14.5 mm version of 140 AW, balance is slightly from 140 AW to grip

A model with a standard positioning 140 AW grip system as it is 14.5mm.
Balancing is slightly griped from 140 AW.
A well-balanced and realistic model between grip and rebound.

Surface texture finish finishes a solid stick surface with a sand paper, even if it sweats in hand, it has an absorption effect from the stick surface and can be gripped well while playing.


It is a drum stick that uses carefully selected high quality wood, and the entire process from processing to finish is manufactured at a factory in Japan.
One-piece elaborate processed by skilled craftsmen's technology, and one chosen by the final step is shipped as a product. We pursue high quality as well as balance but also sound sides.

● Material: U.S.A HICKORY
● Finish: Texture Finish
● Size: φ14.5mm × L406mm

Usage Artist: Showdake

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