LRNI Signature Series stick h-145 mm

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You can control delicate ride sound from strong shot

A model designed and manufactured according to a request from a, B, B temps roule.

It is possible to control the delicate ride sound from the strong shot by the chip shape and the taper, while the chip is balanced.

Standard finish is a thin lacquer finish type, and the special wax with the anti slip effect is applied by the final finish.

Lenni / drum stick

It is a drum stick which is manufactured in a factory in Japan using the carefully selected good quality wood and processing from finish to finish.
The skill of skilled craftsmanship is made one by one carefully, and it is shipped as the product which is chosen by the strict eye until the final process.
Each model is designed to reflect the opinions of professional Drummers of various music genres in the design stage, and not only balance but also sound quality.

Material: U.S.A. hickore
Chip: Wood tip
Size: 14.5mm × 406 mm

Artist: Yasushi Kiuchi (Sambo Master), sukemasa koseki


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