TOCA FreeStyle 2 Junbe TF2DM-10T [40 %OFF!]

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Jumbe! Thinker with a Eftheny color 🔊

This is an otoquitous set of quantity.
Forty %OFF! With replacement headhead, quick inventory!

A body of synthetic material, with a plastic head, is a shape with a plastic head and can be easily tuned with a wrench attached to it.
The sound is light, but it is characterized by a swollen low sound and a gutty high sound.

Also, because the body of the instrument is so light, it is too light for the people who have too much to carry, and Otoko-san to Ossumee!

Size: 10 "× 20"
○ Head: Plastic head

* There is a slight pickup in the headway from the beginning of the receipt or a slight slight sickness of the body.
This is not a defective product, so please accept it in advance.

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