Drum city original stick Ex.STANDARD Rb7a

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Standard size with maple material! Pink guy with thunder drum (^^)

As a custom model, only one shot is produced. I have reproduced the balance of Vic Firth AH5A / PINK almost faithfully!
The part number RB7A is Okada "risa" of former DW Nichols, two drummers who received this model production idea. Beat ”Risa and Leaps NANA-A,“ Ex. STANDARD ”means“ just standard ”.
Call it a thunder drum stick !!

It's not too heavy, not too light, and it has a good grip and balance.
By the way, according to the two, "It's less slippery than the one in VF!"

Recommended for all drummers, not just women !!!

< b>"D. W. Nichols / laughter"

Maple story
Size: φ= 14.5 mm × L = 406 mm
Chip shape: tear drop

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